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Full Price:                   $249.00


CMP Member Price         $187.00

CMP Annual Subscription includes 25% discount on all live events. If you aren’t already a member, join now to receive this discount. Email for the discount code.


Under 40 Price:             $187.00 

For anyone under 40 years old who can’t afford full price. Email for the discount code.

Digital Access Ticket:             $129.00 

Can’t join us in Nashville? Attend the conference virtually from wherever you are. This ticket lets you stream all the main stage sessions (Sorry, workshops are not included.)


Limited scholarships are available.

If you would like to be considered email

Woodmont Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ) 

3601 Hillsboro Pike

Nashville, TN 

Vine Street Christian Church

 4101 Harding Pike,

Nashville, TN 

*Please do not contact these churches for conference info.

Any questions email

Read our statement about LGBTQ+ Safety in Nashville below.


Lodging and meals are not included in the event cost and must be arranged separately. But we will make lodging as affordable and convienient as possible, including the option of "camping out" in the church, and securing a block of rooms at a nearby hotel at a discounted rate. There are also many Airbnb's in Nashville - if you'd like to connect with other conference-goers who may want to share a house, let us know on your registration.

Limited Free Housing Option!  A very limited option of free housing at a facility on the grounds of Woodmont Christian church has just become available.  This will be first come first serve for about 15 people max, so be in touch immediately with Andra Moran ( if this interests you.  It will be VERY modest--bring your own bedding, sleep on cots, share dorm style room with others, share 2 showers with 15 people.  But it's FREE for those for whom this would make the difference as to whether or not you can come to the conference.  


It is a sobering and heartbreaking thing to realize as we have planned this conference that we need to ask ourselves this question.  To be blunt, Tennessee does not have a good record regarding rights for the LBGTQ+ community, and gun laws in Tennessee are just as problematic if not more so.  And as long as we’re naming these things, the state has a painful history regarding safety for people of color as well.  We lament and grieve these realities.

Of course there is no way we can guarantee the safety and well-being of anyone at this conference.  What we can guarantee is that the Convergence Music Project is unambiguously LBGTQ+ affirming as an organization, and that we will do everything in our power to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who attends the conference.  We will honor and celebrate diversity of all kinds at the conference, and our commitment along these lines is very much a core value of CMP.  We will also have many people present at the event who live in Nashville and who can offer advice regarding the city and the safest places to go for those who want to enjoy Nashville in the after hours.

The planning team of this event discussed this question and agonized over it together.  What we wound up deciding is that we would rather be in loving solidarity with the LBGTQ+ persons who already live in Nashville and in Tennessee than avoid the state altogether.   We are choosing to stand for Divine Love and justice and with all those in Tennessee who are working hard every day to honor and protect LBGTQ+ folk and to live together with mutual respect and kindness.  We will do everything we can at this conference to be safe in every conceivable way.  We also will understand if some persons may choose not to attend the conference for the reasons explained here, and we will consider other possible locations in the future if it feels wisest to hold our live events elsewhere.

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